Monday, April 25, 2011

Thordis Svertingsdatter

Nothing says Easter long weekend like a Viking shield maiden. Am I right? In between painting and basing dwarves to the point where I'm seeing them in my sleep, I finished this one during the weekend. I really like Foundry miniatures. Who cares if they cost a little more? You can't take it with ya, so you might as well spend it.


  1. Beautiful fig there! I'm most envious. So will the lads of our Viking warbands when they get a look at her :-)

    I have some of the Foundary figs too and while the vast majority are nice hard plastic figs, I agree that there is something nice about painting up a Foundry fig.


  2. Love your work, those Dwarves are really nice.

  3. Nice painting and great blog.