Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Robotech Tactics

Here are the first of the completed figures from my pile of Robotech miniatures.

First up, Max and Miriya Sterling.

A unit of cannon fodder Brownies. Go out there and make our heroes look good!

Some grey guys.

Some Destroids.

Finally, some target practice for the Good Guys.

Plenty more to paint up and terrain to collect. Stay tuned.


  1. great looking figures can't wait to see more

  2. Very true to the anime cell style. Nice work!

  3. You're really making some great progress here! Looking excellent, inspiring stuff.

  4. Looks damn good! Really love the brightness of Max and Miriya.

  5. ¿Los pintas con poncel o con areografo?
    ¿Que esmalte usas para el acabado de tus figuritas?
    ¿Crees que con Tamiya se pueda tener un resultado igual?
    Please help me