Thursday, July 9, 2015

Robotech Tactics #2

Still banging away at my pile of Robotech plastic. I've got Fokker's VF-1S and another Valkyrie squadron on the go and my tactical battle pod count has more than doubled to about 50 or so now. More! More! Must have more! On with the pics of my latest stuff.

Khyron and two of his lieutenants.

Support options.

Phalanx destroids.

Puny micronian!


  1. Very neat painting, I love the pale green you've used for the Destroids!

  2. Great looking mecha! What did you use for the blue on the battlepods and did you use a pin for the outlining at all?

    1. Thanks. The blue is Vallejo Model Color 839 and the black lining was done with a fine brush and thinned black ink wash.

  3. Im noobie.. but I home some day can I do beatiful works like your..