Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wood Elves

Knock an item off my bucket list. When I saw that the wood elves had horse archers now, and finding a couple of local sellers, it was inevitable. Stripping paint isn't any fun but worth it in the end. I put them on round bases because they look great on 'em.

First up, the shooty guys on foot.

Dryads. Tree chicks. Cool.

Elf horse archers? Yes, please. I don't know how well they do in Gee-Dubya's rules but in our Hail Caesar Fantasy games these guys will be a terror.

Lots more to come. These elves are about a third of my total force. My skeletal horde and its accompanying artillery are still on the go and some beastmen are vying for my attention on the bench, as well.


  1. Very nice indeed. I really like your palette and the basing is spot on.

  2. Beautifully done, love your choice of colors and the smooth highlighting. Reminds me that I have some Mirkwood Rangers that need my attention.

  3. Looking good, always like the wood elves and you've knocked 'em up lovely.

  4. Very nice! Your army looks great on those round bases.