Monday, May 21, 2012

Bad Guys

Tomorrow is the big Hail Caesar Fantasy bash and I've been busy with my contribution. Between a friend and I, we have a ton of units to throw down. Later I'll post some pics of the Good Guys, the game and some of my friend's work as he's one talented individual.

Here are a few not-so-hot pics of some of my stuff.

First up is the warlord.

Where would a lord of war be without cannon fodder? This guy was speed painted. Just base coated and a wash. Nothing too special...

Now give him 89 friends. Thank the gods for eBay.

It ain't a Bad Guy party till the greenskins show up. Speed painted, as well. I think I'm getting lazy...Figures from Sgt Major Miniatures.


  1. I really like these, especially the wolf fur. Looks very accurate! I'd love to see the changes you've made to HC for fantasy.

  2. These are great! Would you mind telling me what wash you used on them? I have a horde of skaven to paint and I really love your paint scheme.

  3. Thanks for the comment.

    I used Les' Wash Recipe since you can make a large amount of it very cheaply and for all the skaven I've done, and still have to finish, I'll need a lot of wash.

    The inks I used were 80 drops of sepia and 10 of black in a 2 oz bottle. Comes out looking like a dark Devlan Mud. I'm going to try using a dark sepia ink to require less drops of it.

  4. Wow that's an interesting mix. I have been using the army painters : soft tone ink a lot lately and it has a muddy sepia look but it's a tad glossy which can be fixed using Vallejos #592 glaze medium. I will have to try that mix out. Thanks for the help :)