Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hail Caesar Fantasy Game

Last night we threw just about everything we had onto the table just for the hell of it and it turned out to be a fun time. It was an allied greenskin and skaven force facing off against hardy dwarves with some manlings along for the show. The fighting was fierce with both sides committing their generals at every opportunity a result of which two fell in glorious battle.

We played the rules as written for the most part. All but two units were classed as standard size and were between 100mm and 120mm wide. For the unit values we took the base stats from the book and knocked 'em around a little and called it done. Here are the rosters we came up with if you're interested: Good Guys and Bad Guys. For magic we used the rules and spells from Battle of Five Armies. The Bad Guys fielded a goblin shaman and the Good Guys a dwarf rune priestess.

I took a lot of pics of the game but only a few were of any worth unfortunately. Note to self: get a frakkin' tripod. Enough jibber-jabber. On with the pics!

First up is some of my friend's stuff.

Goblin slaves

Mercenary spearmen and archers. Feast your eyes on the hand-painted shields and banner.

These dwarf dog handlers did a number on the skaven forces.

Dwarves from em4 Miniatures

Lord of the Rings dwarves. Again with the hand-painted shields and banners.

Great looking ogre standing over some poor unlucky fellow.

One of his orc units. Again minis from em4 Miniatures and converted to hell and back.

Most of the fighting took place in the centre as the Bad Guys had trouble activating their wings for a couple of turns.

A deployment error on my part was saved due to the wolf riders unable to activate the entire game.

A view of the right where the skaven refused to advance until they were damn well good and ready. When they finally did, the dwarves waiting for them sent them packing.


  1. Looks fantastic Christian - great paint jobs too!


  2. Top shelf armies. I really like the black and yellow shields and the red and white are excellent as well!

  3. Beautiful, great looking units!