Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fireforge Games Foot Sergeants Part 2

Here is the first of the crossbow-armed units. The box provides a good assortment of weapons and bits and I built four units, each of 12 models: two units with hand weapons and two with crossbows.

Also cleared from my "finish this damn unit, already" pile are these Arthurians from Artizan Designs. I have ten more to do and will probably use them all as a single unit for that sweet spear-block look.

The movement tray is from Sarissa Precision. The trays are great and can be ordered with the bases to slot in. Easy-peasy. lemon-squeezy.


  1. Superb! I've been thinking of getting some of those Artizan Arthurians to mix in with mine from Westwind. Any idea how they match size wise?

    1. Thanks, Dux. Haven't seen any Westwind ones so I'm not sure how they would match up. These are 28mm to the eyes but are not as chunky as some other figs.

  2. Those are really striking. Very tempted to get some of these!

  3. Both the crossbowmen and spearmen look great. Nice job.