Monday, January 7, 2013

Fireforge Games Foot Sergeants

These are the first of what will end up being my human army for our fantasy wargames. I've split the contents of the box to make 24 boys armed with hand weapons and the the other 24 with crossbows. I'm not a fan of building plastic minis but these were pretty simple to put together and even easier to paint. Good times.


  1. Nice.
    Ive havn´t seen them painted before. Great job

  2. Same. I've been waiting to see them painted by someone other than Fireforge and I must say that these look cracking. Very nice.

  3. Beautiful work on the bases of these too!

  4. Top job on the painting, some very nice brushwork.

    Would you mind sharing how you do the faces (paints, technique etc.)?

  5. Thanks.

    The faces are done pretty simply using Foundry's Flesh Triad 127A, B and C.