Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy Part 2

Having driven off the Evil ratmen and greenskins at their initial meeting, the forces of Good pursue them down the valley. The Bad Guys have burned and pillaged their way south and have taken a time out to sack a peaceful little village. Mustering reinforcements from the valley along the way, the Good Guys form up for battle. It will be Men who bear the brunt of the fighting this day.

Villagers come out to watch the battle.

The lines approach.

Clash! Here fell Gwynfor where the fighting was thickest, sword in hand and wounds to the front.

Ratmen assume open order and attempt a flanking move through the wood but the dwarves are there to stop them.

The greenskin right has crumbled and soon after their centre followed suit, leaving the way open for a swift and welcome liberation of the villagers.


  1. Excellent! Nice to know someone else has used the HC rules for Fantasy. Very inspiring.

  2. Thanks, Baron. We've found HC to work great for fantasy.